• Raise your standards!
  • Once you make a 10x commitment, your brain becomes like a 10x filter:
    • this belongs to 10x, so you keep it.
    • this does NOT belong to 10x, so you stop or delegate it.
  • The greater the challenge the more rigorous our routines need to be.
  • Install a whole new series of mindsets and rituals that very few people are doing!
  • Behave like most people don’t behave!
  • Spend time with the people that are already that.
  • We become the combined average of the 5 people we hang around the most.
  • Grow your Leverage = Impact produced / Time invested:
    • Money / Time
    • Energy / Time
    • Decision Making / Time
    • Action / Time
    • The Keys to consistently leverage: A) Know your goals B) Act and Review your time and energy allocation towards those goals
  • Express your best version moment to moment.


Other Guideliness

  • Compete against people better than you
  • Give yourself too little time
  • Remove interruptions
  • Set goals
  • Don’t waste time

Eliminate Waste

The Costs of Waste

  • A 30min wasteful activity per day, wastes you a single waking day per month. See the calculation
  • A 30min wasteful activity per day for 30 people, wastes the whole month of one person.
  • Steals life time.
  • Hinders creativity and development.
  • Habituates waste creation and repetition.

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