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Current System

  • Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant:
    • Employee: wants security, no risk, lowest paid. Money growth = work more hours, linearly higher salary. Tax: usually the highest.
    • Self-employed: some security, less risk, better paid. Money growth = work more hours, linearly higher salary. Tax: as employees or lower.
    • Business owner: more risk. Money growth = successful business, linear salary growth to exponential shares growth. Tax: usually lower than employees.
    • Investor: little to high risk, best paid. Money growth = exponential. Tax: usually the lowest.
  • Follow The Money Pyramid - an (speculative) attempt to give an overview where the most money and power is and who rules over the financial systems:
    • Financial Elite - speculative who, what, why.
    • Bank for International Settlements - set reserve requirements, prime counterparty for central banks, little transparency.
    • International Central Banks - World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    • National Central Banks - set interest rates, determine the amount of money in circulation, lend to governments at interest.
    • Banks - offer loans to corporatoins and people, hold their money, create money through fractional reserve banking.
    • Corporations - some with more financial resources than some governments.
    • Government -
    • People, Planet, Living Things - the majority of living beings and the planet.

How money works



German books:

Asset and Liability




Alternative economic models

Economy for the common good

Economy for the common good - measure and optimize common good contributions of companies, municipalities and educational institutions through Common Good Matrix according to the values human dignity, solidarity and social justice, environmental sustainability, transparancy and co-determination.

  • In German: Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie (GWÖ)


Alternative currencies


  • Bitcoin
  • and others

Sovereign Money / Vollgeld

New money to be created by the central bank free of debt. Read more


Local Currencies

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  • negative-interest currencies

Elastic supply currencies



Infinite Banking

Countries: only US and Canada

Idea: take and pay back loans to yourself using your own compounding collateral tax free.

Practice: use a specific kind of life insurance that functions as a banking account that compounds tax free. Characteristics:

  • receive guaranteed rate of return, usually 4%, should be higher to beat inflation
  • receive dividends when participating in a mutual company
  • use the insurance as collateral to take unconditionally loans and finance anything you want and pay the loan back to your insurance
    • the collateral stays and compounds
    • the compounding collateral can set off the interest of the loan
  • liquid at any time
  • tax-free while using it and after death to beneficiaries

Learn Links:

Sustainable Banking

  • Global Alliance for Banking on Values - an independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development.
    • Member Banks
    • Principles - Social and environmental impact and sustainability are at the heart of the business model. Grounded in communities, serving the real economy, and enabling new business models to meet the needs of people. Long-term, self-sustaining, and resilient to outside disruptions. Transparent and inclusive governance
  • Institute for Social Banking - provide Education, Network, and Research for a responsible banking and finance sector
    • Members - 17 member institutions in 13 countries
  • FEBEA - European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks - Members - 28 members (13 banks and 15 financial institutions) based across 15 European countries



Sustainable Finance




Helping With Money


  • Positive Money Publications - Banks and money creation, money and goverment, escaping growth dependency, digital cash, making our banks work for us, central banks and sustainable finance.


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