Personal Learnings

These are my important learnings until now (2016), expressed in a simple sentence, with short description and examples. This is an initial and lively (changing) draft and is not meant to be exhaustive and all explaining. Some expressions may be interpreted contradictory to one another. Pick whatever resonates and be critically vigilantly open for the rest.

Everything is possible

Everything you can and cannot imagine is possible.

Example: being in the deepest abyss of horror and expanding unstoppably in ecstasy. Feeling both extremities at the same time and all of their permutations by degree and space-time in all different situations and relationships.

Everything replicates

Everything you experience and decide to experience (thoughts, beliefs, feelings, images, actions) replicates (repeats itself) through you and through others, “inside and outside”. If you believe something (no matter what, correct/incorrect/good/bad/inspiring/depressive/etc) about somebody/something, you will believe it again, you will start/continue to experience it in the way you believe it and ultimately the others will start believing it too. The belief itself will be recreated during events occurring through space-time.

Example: If you believe that you or somebody is not enough, not worthy, you are putting the seeds for you or them to be not enough and not worthy (not enough replicates). If you lie, you will lie again. If you lie to others, they too will lie (lie replicates). If you create order in your room, you will create order in your life and order in the lives of people who connect with you and your room (order replicates).

Everything is perfect

Everything is a perfect consequence of more than the billion reasons contributing to its existence and experience. Everything exists in perfect meaning and purpose in its total interconnectedness.

Example: What you think, believe, feel and do right now (or in the past or future) is a perfect consequence of all the choices you, the people you know and do not know and everything else have made.

Everything can be improved

Every thing and every process in every area of life can be improved. Improving means to design and create it according to some criteria, e.g: freedom, practical, lean, modular, replicable, shared, commons, co-owned, long-lived, sustainable, regenerative, healthy, beautiful, simple.

Example: Look in your room, pick an object and reflect how it can be improved according to the above mentioned criteria. Pick an economical, logistical, thought or other process and do the same.

Whatever you seek, you can find. Everything you find you will lose. What you most deeply seek and cannot lose is You.

No matter what you seek, it is possible to find it and you can find or create it. Seeking implies experiencing something in the future that is not experienced now. Nothing that appears at some point in your experience will stay forever - it will go away. Everything which comes, goes away. Everything that will be created, will be destroyed: thoughts, beliefs, feelings, states, visions, projects, relationships, networks, health, body, objects, cities, planets, universes, etc.

If you go to the deepest root of desire - often ultimate knowledge, feeling, state - you will recognize that even once this object of desire if found, it will be lost, sooner or later. So what are you left with after that? With that which was and is always with you - You. If you used words to describe You, they could be: experiencing itself, life itself, the most constant stability in experience, the absolute peace, absolute acceptance, unconditional choiceless love, mystery, simplicity.

Example: you seek happiness/peace/whatever from others, experts, books or yourself, but the happiness that came, went away. During the whole process You were there.

The root cause of suffering is inappropriate understanding and application of how things work

Can be observed in practical work, relationships, and all our experiences. The more aligned our understanding and application of how things work is, the better we and our creations are.

Example: Having expectations without understanding how the context works. Complain about something with a desire for change in a context that cannot provide change. Knowing, but not applying what works.

Focus on the Best, Leave the Worst, Repeat

This is the most simple and effective everywhere applicable development process I am currently aware of. You should define what Best and Worst mean for you. The more clear the definitions, the quicker you will be able to identify Best and Worst, the quicker you can make decisions and develop further. After the first iteration and with every next iteration, you will leave things that you previously thought were good, because as you develop further, you know and can identify better what it best, and connect more and more with the best.

Example: Look in your room and identify the worst and best things. Remove the worst and keep the best. Repeat - look at the remaining things, remove the worst and keep the best.

True character is revealed in the extremes

Pay attention how you act in the very positive and negative extremes. Reflect and improve.

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