Scientific Laws

  • reflect knowledge that experiments have repeatedly verified (and never falsified)
  • do not have absolute certainty
  • can be changed by future observations
  • summarize and explain a large collection of facts determined by experiment
  • are tested based on their ability to predict the results of future experiments
  • its truth is generally confined to a certain set of conditions
  • does not describe how and why it works
  • have not been proved wrong, yet.


  • Hypothesis: a limited explanation of a phenomenon
  • Theory : a in-depth explanation of a phenomenon
  • Law : a statement about a phenomenon
  • Facts: simple basic observations that have shown to be true.
  • Laws: generalized observations about a relationship between two or more things in the natural world.

Scientific Process

Observations -> Questions -> Model (Hypothesis) / Explanation -> Prediction -> Testing -> Observations



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